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Monday, September 3, 2018

Emirates Flight Catering: 38 million meals a year - YouTube
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Emirates Flight Catering (Arabic: ???????? ?????? ?????????) (EKFC) is an in-flight catering service based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which provides catering and support services for Emirates Airline and all other airlines based at Dubai International Airport. It is a subsidiary of The Emirates Group.

EKFC directly employs over 10,000 staff, and operates from Emirates Flight Catering Centre which has a capacity of producing over 115,000 meals daily. The Company provided 22 million airline meals in 2006 and over 25.5 million meals in 2007, with a combined average daily meal uplift of 70,000.

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Emirates Flight Catering was formed out of Emirates Abela Catering Company in 2003. It now produces more than 26 million meals per year and has a fleet of 100 high loader trucks, including a special vehicle for the Airbus A380. EKFC employs 5,400 staff.

In July 2005, EKFC began operations at its new Food Point facility, a 10,000 m2 (107,639 sq ft) facility capable of producing 30 million meals annually.

In early 2006, EKFC began operations at a new catering facility dedicated to service the flights of Emirates Airline. The facility can produce over 115,000 meals daily. The older facility is now used to serve all 120 of the international airlines operating out of Dubai Airport. EKFC provided 22 million airline meals in 2006 and projected production of over 25.5 million meals in 2007, with a combined average daily meal uplift of 70,000. Also in the 2006, EKFC opened its Linencraft laundering plant. The facility has a total area of 10,500 m2 (113,021 sq ft), and a capacity to handle 50 tonnes of laundry and dry cleaning output per day.

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Food Point

Food Point is a catering facility based at Dubai Investment Park that opened in July 2005. It is another food production facility, and can produce over 30 million meals annually. Food Point was designed and its project managed by European Projects, a UK-based specialist food design company that has since become International Food Systems Ltd.


Linencraft is a laundering facility located at Dubai Investment Park, with a processing capacity of 50 tonnes of laundry and dry cleaning per day. The facility was to have the capacity to handle 80 tonnes daily by 2010.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid tours Emirates Flight Catering รข€
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